Photos  by  Phil   Bradley


Effect of Poor Diet on Cardnial Colors

Female Baltimore Oriole at Lake Bistineau.

Female Red-winged Blackbird during sleet storm at Lake Bistineau.

Female Yellow-headed Blackbird at RRNWR in Bossier Parish.

Juvenile male Orchard Oriole at Lake Bistineau.

Northern Parula at Lake Bistineau.

White Ibis juveniles at Lake Bistineau.

Yellow-billed Cuckoo at Lake Bistineau

Yellow-throated Warbler collecting nesting materials at Lake Bistineau.

Harris Sparrow.

Lincoln Sparrow

Song Sparrow.

Song Sparrow with Western Plumage.

White-crowned Sparrow.

White-throated Sparrow, Tan Striped Morph.

White-throated Sparrow, White Striped Morph.

Female Eastern Towhee.

Male Ruby-throated Hummingbird.

Savanna Sparrow.

Black vulture in formal Attire.

Painted Bunting.

Male Painted Bunting Photoboming a Cardinal Photo.

Redish Female Cardinal.

White-winged Dove.

Blue-winged Teal.