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General Checklists

Northwestern Louisiana Checklist Adobe Portable Document format (80.5 Kb)

Checklists by Month

Specific Area Checklists

Adobe Portable Document format (343 Kb)

C. Bickham Dickson Checklist Adobe Portable Document format (51.6 Kb)

Parish Species Observations

NOTE: The following is a link to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which may be downloaded or opened from the web. Best viewed with Internet Explorer and may work with other browsers. This is a work in-progress and is updated periodically by Dr. Rosemary Seidler. As the spreadsheet grows, download times will increase.

Parish Species Observations spreadsheet Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (301 Kb)


Northwestern Louisiana Watchlist (125 Kb)

Watchlists identify bird species that are faced with:

  • population decline
  • limited geographic range
  • habitat loss (breeding or wintering grounds)

Watchlists are early warning systems that focus attention on at-risk bird species prior to their endangerment or extinction.

"The Watchlist" is compiled by Partners in Flight, a coalition of state, federal, and private sector conservationists working to protect the birds of the western hemisphere.

Permission is granted to freely print unmodified copies of the documents above,


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